11.25 istanbul on my mind

Hello Istanbul.  Nice to see you again so soon!

Okay, so I have arrived. And I am aware I have a lot to learn in terms of blogging. First rule of thumb – update!!! So here goes it. My decision to leave Vancouver after 10 wonderful years was because of someone special. I lived a true Eat, Pray, Love adventure and got my groove back like no other. I fell madly in love with an English man named Ben on a gullet cruise on the Mediterranean. Heading back to Vancouver after my travels + attempting to adjust back into to real life was harder that it should have been.  It became increasingly clear to me that my time in Vancouver was over.  Do you ever wonder why sometimes, there are way too many disappointments and horrible streaks bad luck happening simultaneously to you? I say it is the universe or God or whatever you may believe in, telling you to change something. It’s not working for you for a reason. Find that reason and fix it. ASAP. So I listened and acted. I packed my bags. Got on a plane. And chose to follow my heart.  I chose love.

So for the next month, Istanbul is my home.  Yes, only one month. To make a long story short, through a few serendipitous series of events, Ben and I are moving to Melbourne in January to start a new life together.  Ben was offered an amazing opportunity in Australia that he could not refuse. So, we are going! As much as I would have enjoyed to see what Istanbul may have had to offer, a new life in Melbourne will be just as exciting. I am heading to spend the holidays with my family in Vancouver; then in January, I am starting the year the same way I started my 2010. Flying to Australia. I spent 2 weeks in Sydney visiting my father in January last year. How funny. Although this time, it is for good.

Istanbul, you have me for a month. Let’s party. 😉

3 thoughts on “11.25 istanbul on my mind

  1. Denise! I just read your posts and wow, you really had an amazing year! My sister in law is going through a similar eat, pray, love experience right now. she went to sydney for 4 months and is now in Korea…except she was actually married. I’m so happy for you. Your story sounds like a fairytale and you seem sooo happy! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Go Denise!!

    • Thank Jiye! My story is def like a fairytale and will write more about it. I was with Jamey for 6 years and when we seperated, even if we never had an official wedding, we actually still had to go through lawyers and get an actual divorce. So it really felt so eat pray love! lol! Anyways – I love your blog to by the way. You are so stylish and cute all the time! You give me serious clothes envy! 😉

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