It’s official…

The Sullivans are joining the baby club!!!

Meet Baby Sully.  He/she will grace us with his/her presence around October 27th, give or take 2 weeks.

Wish us luck!!!


working for the weekend?

The feeling of going back to work after a 1 year and 2 month long sabbatical is painful for many reasons, which I will list down here for you. Bear with me. I need an outlet to vent.

1.       Getting up before the crack of dawn. Not sure why this is so hard. I used to get up the same time as Ben would for work, both in Istanbul and before I started work here in Aus. But I guess it’s a completely different mindset getting ready to sit in traffic for 45 min before sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours, rather than kissing your husband goodbye while sitting with a nice cup of tea catching up on Facebook before heading out for a nice seaside run then having a bath before watching some Jersey Shore or Kardashians over lunch as I prep for an afternoon nap. Hmm. Why can’t I get paid to do the latter?

2.       Damn the Man. So working for UNICEF for the last 2 years, I knew everything about the organization, the industry, the office, the local staff, the national staff, the other regional staff, the nature of everyone’s role, I could recite the core values and mission of the organization at any given moment, the DHL man who came in daily and brought me Filipino buns his wife baked at home the night before, I knew the names of the newspaper/shredding/recycling/water men (plus their kids, dogs, mother-in-laws) who came weekly, fastest route to and from work at any given time of day, I could punch in the building alarm codes blindfolded, anything IT related was second nature, the bathroom schedule of the strange woman who worked down the hall who insisted on speaking to you while you did your business in the toilet,  you name it. I have always worked in a small office, largest having 12 people.  And it has always been a not-for-profit organization. Now, I am starting working in a completely new industry I have no background in, and in an office of a few hundred people. Essentially, I am working for “the man” in a profit driven corporation. All new ground for me. To be honest, it’s freaking me out a little. Nobody likes to be the new kid in school, especially when the new kid that is in the wrong grade.

3.      The lack of internet. I have never worked for an organization where the contact to the outside world was cut off. Meaning, no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no Google, the lot! Don’t judge me yet – hear me out! My past jobs were essentially encompassed social media and market research so access to these sites was a necessity and not a luxury.  None the less, it helped make the day fly as I was able to sneak in a few minutes here and there of personal use. I believe that a break every so often perks anyone up to make me that little more productive and a little less stressed. Argue with me if you must. But I’m sticking with my guns. Besides, as a non-smoker, why can’t I use the smoke break taken a few times daily as a Facebook break? Fair deal and a lot healthier for the body thank you very much.

4.       The Long Hours. I can come in at 9am and leave at 5pm. But because my husband is a hard worker and goes above and beyond, we are in by 8am and leave at 5.30pm the earliest. But because I am on contract, I don’t necessarily have to put in the long hours. Since I get paid hourly, I guess I really shouldn’t complain! I have never worked such long hours before. I have been blessed with work that lets me go home between 4.30-5.00pm. I don’t believe in the longer hours worked, the harder the worker.  I actually believe in the more efficient the worker. As long as goals are reached and surpassed, you can (and should) leave the office at the appropriate time.  Which at the end of the day, saves the organization money and keeps the employees balanced.

5.       And finally – it’s work! Enough said!

So there you go. That is the reason for my lack of blogging.  In a few months I will be back to being a lady of leisure…some what!

A surprise announcement to come soon….