It sure ain’t easy

Okay so I have been a horrible blogger.  I swear I think of you everyday thinking I should update update update… but one thing has been a big distraction.  PREGNANCY. Jesus f*cking christ, pardon my French. Can I just be completely honest? I hate being pregnant. HATE it with a passion! I am not going to be one of those women who will candy coat the experience for you all because there is really nothing to brag about.  I won’t go into the details… ok maybe I will go into a little detail…

 Can you imagine gaining 45 pounds and the repercussions that comes along with it? I am a petite 5 foot 1 starting off with a weight of 110 – can you imagine how HEAVY carrying an extra 45 pounds is??? I cannot even begin to tell you the pains in my back, feet, pelvis, etc.  Not to mention I look like a complete whale in every photo, mirror, or reflection.  None of my pre-pregnancy clobber fits and I want to punch anyone who tells me they still fit into their regular jeans 8 months into it.  Trust me, I have fought that urge one too many times.  To make it worst, you are one big emotional mental case.  Every little thing can make you cry one minute and be over the moon the next minute.  My poor husband has had to deal with this roller coaster of emotions, which cannot be easy for him.  But just because I am pregnant and can be selfish, I am going to say that it is ten times harder for me than it is for him any day!  (He will argue with that statement until no end but hubands won’t be going through the labor nor the hardships of pregnancy. They must spoil you and give you everything you need because a healthy Mama means a healthy baby, physically and mentally!)  To add to it all… there’s a morning sickness, carpal tunnel, bad hair, bad skin, limited social options, the uncomfortable sleepless nights, the copious amounts of money you will spend on baby stuff, the arguements you will get into on what stroller or crib to buy, deciding what kind of birth you want, preparing yourself and  husband for the labor to come… I could go on forever…

Despite my whining, one thing is for sure.  It is all worth it.  I’ve got 6 weeks at the most before I get to meet this baby girl kicking in my belly and I cannot be more excited than ever.  I’m off work and spending the next few weeks getting as much sleep and rest as possible, preparing the nursery, spending time with my girls, my husband and most importantly, myself before this little bub changes my life forever.  I am going to be a Mama! I still can’t believe it.

What a year! This time last year I was just finishing my big around the world adventure and had just met Ben.  I never would have thought a year later we would be married, living in Australia, expecting a baby, and living a wonderful life.  Thank you, Universe.

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