Get Excited!!!

38 weeks and counting.  “Any day now” Dr. Sheldon tells me, “Your precious Sofia is ready to come out. Her head is engaged in your pelvis, her heartbeat is good and strong, your size/weight is consistent, you are good to go. Get excited!”  Yes, excited I am, to say the very least! Only there is one catch.  The hubby is across the world in Bangladesh until Friday. OMFG did you say??? Yeah. Tell me about it. Trust me, I have given my poor husband enough trouble to last him a lifetime. But work is work.  Someone has to bring in the dough and right now, its cannot be the Missus.

So, my plan of action? I have some amazing girls who are standing in and have had their mobile phones on high alert since Mr. Sullivan departed on the weekend.  They have been checking in on me on a daily/hourly basis and making sure I am well fed/rested/relaxed and keeping my legs (and cervix) closed until my beloved one returns.  No spicy foods. No long walks. Nothing to induce labor.  Every time I feel something I am on high alert and praying that it is nothing.  My anxiety is good because adrenaline actually stops labor. Most women go into labor when the body is most relaxed, which is why most labors start in the middle of the night during sleep. Because I am not sleeping and being anxious 24/7, I’m thinking I have more adrenaline in my system than usual.

Why am I so anxious? Well… besides the obvious… I am nervous because of my decision to give birth sans medication. I know I am going to experience the worst pain ever known to (wo)mankind, and I am choosing this despite what is available to us today.  One of my best friends, Helen Gomez Andrews in New York City, shared with me her birth story of going all natural. It inspired so much that I have decided to go the same route. A woman’s body was built for childbirth and it is going to know what to do. All I have to do is trust it and embrace the experience.  Pain in inevitable even if I go through an epidural or an elective cesarean, it will just come from different sources during and after the procedures. Recovery from natural childbirth will be a piece of cake compared to an epidural or a cesarean (stitches, catheter, needles, etc.)  The best part is I get to experience that first moment my daughter will be put into my arms the minute I push her out. Most women under medication don’t remember (epidural) or don’t even get this experience (cesarean)! This moment is so crucial for Mama to Baby bonding and breastfeeding.  And did you know it takes 6 weeks for the drugs given to you to get out of your babies system?? This inhibits the child from properly breastfeeding and can present obvious other problems to say the least.  Anyways, I could go on forever about my reasons. But I won’t bore you. Ben has been my number one cheerleader in making this goal of mine a reality and I will need him there to help me get through it.  Because I know the words GIVE ME AN EPIDURAL is going to be so tempting once I reach that transition… the only person that can really be there to encourage me to do this the way I want to do this my husband. So honey, get your a** home as soon as humanly possible!!!! Your daughter wants to come out and play!!!!

For any preggos out there on the fence about what kind of birth you want to have… you cannot make a decision until you watch this documentary.  The Business of Being Born will tell you what the medical industry does not want you to know.  Thank you to my BFF Helen for sharing this with me.  Muchos besos xxxx


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