Wanted: A Full Nights Sleep!!!

After two days, I’m back to 120lbs. Apparently weighing yourself after a big meal is not good for the self-esteem. So after 2 runs, 1 yoga class and no carbs; I am at the weight I thought I started at a week ago. Not bad, I have to admit. (Never mind that I am starving and craving a big choco cake and big bowl of mac and cheese!)

Operation Skinny Bitch/Starvation mode aside, I’m trying to train my little Bambino to sleep properly. I know, how cliche, every Mama seems to be doing the same. But seriously, I’m STRUGGLING! Right now, we co-sleep and breastfeed. Meaning, the little bugger sleeps between Ben and I and she wakes up every 3-4 hours to feed and doesn’t let us sleep through the night. It was okay when she was a newborn and she needed to feed. But at 8 months, she does not need it and it’s just become a comforting sleep aid. Especially after being away for 6 weeks, she seems extra needy and even wakes B up (which she never used to do). I need her to learn to soothe herself to sleep… in her cot. I need my space and body back. Not to mention some beauty sleep! I’ve tried to start her day naps in her cot sans boob but she won’t settle unless she’s in our bed and breastfed to slumber. I also want to start weaning her to formula and off breast milk but she’s not taking the bottle all the time. She drinks maybe 2 oz. and she starts tugging at my shirt.

So basically, how do I wean a breastfed co-sleeping baby? Can anyone recommend a good book/sleep school/mid-wife that has actually worked for you first hand?

Mama needs your help!

Cold Hard Painful Truth

So B had an inclination that our cheap IKEA weighing scale was not as accurate as it should be. So while Sof and I were indulging guilt-free at lunch with my Melbourne family ladies, he makes a trip to a Spotlight and purchased the top of the line digital scale he could find. Perhaps I should have waited until tomorrow morning to do this… But the cold hard painful truth slapped me right in the face…


9 pounds off?!? You mean I have been heavier than I’ve always thought???


I’m still a Fat Bastard.

Operation Skinny B*tch Update

You know whats amazing?? One week of healthy eating (with some cheat meals of pizza + Malaysian take out), 4 hours of running (with the stroller it’s twice as hard) and 3 hot yoga sessions later… I’m down 4 pounds! Could it be my ever precious Hot Pants that helping the fatness melt off so quickly? Get on it ladies! They are magical! Seriously, I just wear it under everything everyday. You barely even know I’m even sporting it. I got it in a Groupon deal but search for it online, a company called Zaggora makes it from the UK. They ship worldwide and it takes absolutely ages but its worth the wait.

Also, healthy eating is not actually that hard. Getting you minimum 5 serving of fruit and veg on a daily basis is actually quite easy. There are SO many yummy ways to cook veg like that you won’t even notice that you are eating healthy. Like B and I’s breakky this morning was smashed avocado with feta, Parmesan, fresh basil, fresh chilly, lemon with a poached egg over multigrain toast. You can’t go wrong! It’s a mixture of the right carbs and fat to kick start your day! Sprinkle a tablespoon of the magical superfood of chia seeds and you are seriously shining superstar of health! Chia is another awesome way if getting your omega 3s, fiber, and antioxidants… It also expands in your tummy when you drink water so you stay full for hours in end. I like to mix it with organic yogurt in the morning before my morning walks/runs.

So the low down is:
Last weeks weight: 120 lbs
Today’s weight: 116 Ibs
Goal weight by July 15th: 110 Ibs
I got 6 pounds to go until I’m back to pre-baby weight…
I can do this!!!

Sunday morning yoga session at home with Fifi

Soy lattes pre-run gives me that extra power to run harder

Blog? Oh ya… I have one of those..

I’m officially the worst blogger ever. I can’t seem to find the time to blog! How do you other amazing Mama bloggers do it?! Do you have a maid/nanny? How about a cook or a cleaner? Is your baby an angel baby that naps for hours on end? Are you able to have your beauty sleep at night? Honestly… I need to change something. Either I have a high maintenance baby or I suck at time management. Seriously. WHATS YOUR SECRET? Share the wealth you MILF biatches!

We have just returned from a monster 6 week holiday that took us around the world. Manila, Boracay, Vancouver, Whistler and Seattle. That’s 6 flights with 42 HOURS TOTAL OF FLYING TIME… with a 7 month old. It was not fun. Actually, there were a couple times Sofia and I actually cried together but that’s all done now. No need to re-live it, I may have a panic attack. Other than that, it was an amazing holiday. Spending time with family and friends that I miss so much on a daily basis is absolutely priceless. It was even more amazing to introduce Sofia to everyone. Will there ever be a time in my life where everyone that I miss will be in the same place at the same time so I don’t have to miss anyone?! Oh and the shopping. OMFG. You don’t even want to know how much I paid for excess. I shopped for 6 weeks non-stop. Seriously. I have a problem.

I also ate like I was on holiday for 6 weeks (yuck fatness sucks). Now that I am back on Aussie soil, Operation Skinny Bitch is on in full force. I’m going to lose 10 pounds before my 31st bday on the 15th of July. Hold me accountable people! I will blog about my progress… I promise! But first, I must hire a cleaner…

A peek at our week in Boracay.
Then Fifi and I in Vancouver.
More pics to come!