Wanted: A Full Nights Sleep!!!

After two days, I’m back to 120lbs. Apparently weighing yourself after a big meal is not good for the self-esteem. So after 2 runs, 1 yoga class and no carbs; I am at the weight I thought I started at a week ago. Not bad, I have to admit. (Never mind that I am starving and craving a big choco cake and big bowl of mac and cheese!)

Operation Skinny Bitch/Starvation mode aside, I’m trying to train my little Bambino to sleep properly. I know, how cliche, every Mama seems to be doing the same. But seriously, I’m STRUGGLING! Right now, we co-sleep and breastfeed. Meaning, the little bugger sleeps between Ben and I and she wakes up every 3-4 hours to feed and doesn’t let us sleep through the night. It was okay when she was a newborn and she needed to feed. But at 8 months, she does not need it and it’s just become a comforting sleep aid. Especially after being away for 6 weeks, she seems extra needy and even wakes B up (which she never used to do). I need her to learn to soothe herself to sleep… in her cot. I need my space and body back. Not to mention some beauty sleep! I’ve tried to start her day naps in her cot sans boob but she won’t settle unless she’s in our bed and breastfed to slumber. I also want to start weaning her to formula and off breast milk but she’s not taking the bottle all the time. She drinks maybe 2 oz. and she starts tugging at my shirt.

So basically, how do I wean a breastfed co-sleeping baby? Can anyone recommend a good book/sleep school/mid-wife that has actually worked for you first hand?

Mama needs your help!

6 thoughts on “Wanted: A Full Nights Sleep!!!

  1. Feel your pain =). Savan breastfeed until he was 13 months and Olivia until she was 15 months. Both kids refused to take the bottle, even when I put breast milk in there. And as you know the older they get the more demanding they get, even at night when really they shouldn’t even need to eat anymore. The ONLY thing that worked for me was for my parents to take them to their place for 2-3 nights and for lots of distractions during the day. It was amazing, both of them didn’t even wake up at all even the first night they slept at my parents. And by the 3rd night they had forgotten about breastfeeding and forgotten about nursing at night. And at last I got full nights sleep. My parents don’t even live here so we did it whenever they visited LA.

  2. babe! what did you think of 12 hours by 12 weeks? or not for you? my first piece of advice is you need to get her out of your bed and into her crib. i know it’s easier to have her in your bed because even though she wakes up every 3 hours, you don’t have to move much yourself – and when you put her in her room, the first week she will probably wake up the same and you will actually have to get out of your bed to go check on her, but she needs to get used to sleeping in her bed FIRST. then you can start weaning at night…you have to remember it’s going to be one step at a time…you can’t put her in her room, wean at night, and then start formula all at the same time…it takes a lot of patience and disicpline…but you can do it. right now she relies on breastfeeding for her naps, and although you want to change that, you give in cause it’s easier to finally settle her down…so at the end, she gets what she wants. figure out your plan, and stick to it! it will be a couple of weeks of hell, but it will work. you need to reprogram her thinking almost.
    you are doing a great job! it’s hard for all of us, trust me. and super that you are still breastfeeding! stick to it until she is at least a year and you can go straight to full fat cows milk! S never had formula…went straight from breast to regular milk and he is strong as a bull. good luck babe! let me know if you want step by step advice! šŸ™‚ besos xx

    • Thanks darling! You know I cant find that book anywhere. Your advice makes sense but just don’t know where to start. I’m not a fan of the cry it out or even controlled crying method. I’m such a sucker and I know I spoil her, but I honestly don’t know how NOT to. Tough love is not something in my vocabulary… Which makes it even more difficult I know!!! Ok get her out of my bed and into cot. How to get her to sleep and to enjoy sleeping in there???

  3. They still co-sleep with me =) and I love it. It just works for us. It’s not for everyone. But for us it’s perfect and the kids never have to experience any anxiety at night or during the night. It’s not like they are going to be sleeping in our bed until they are 15 or something haha, but when they are ready and want to they will go to their own beds.

  4. Hi!!!! I can’t believe I only JUST started reading your blog. I love it!

    This is a June post, so I won’t even comment on the sleep training thing, I’m sure you have it down to an art already.

    Can’t wait to read the next one!!

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