about me

I’m a 30-something Mama to beautiful Sofia (who we call Fifi) + married to a British boy whom I met on a solo 6 month round the world travel adventure.  It was on a boat cruise on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey where we crossed paths and fell in love. Our romance took us over three continents and 4 cities Istanbul, Vancouver, New York, and London. We got married in Gibraltar, got pregnant on our campervan honeymoon in New Zealand, and started a new life in Melbourne.  All in 6 months upon meeting!  Wowza. I know.

But it was what lost-little-old-me living in  Vancouver was looking for… that big charge of ELECTRICITY to shake up my life and put some colour back in it.  Two years later… here we are. Family of 3 and happily living out our dreams in a little neighbourhood called St. Kilda by the beach.

This blog will feature everything I adore… Food, fashion, fitness, family and everything that is pretty, pink & has a bird on it.  Welcome to my lady land.





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