Little Miss Sofia is 1!

The Melbourne Family joined us for an afternoon at the St. Kilda Botanical Gardens for Fifi’s Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday on a perfect Sunday afternoon. We feasted on crustless sandwiches, sausage rolls, meat pies, pastries, cookies, and cake. ¬†We drank ourselves to a merry state with champagne and Pimms lemonade. Sofia was in heaven and in her element being centre of attention… posing for photos and putting on a show for her guests. We couldn’t have asked for a better day! t feel so blessed to have suchamazing friends that helped us spoil our little darling. Wow, I still can’t believe we made it a whole year… can’t say its been easy but it has been one magical adventure. Happy birthday Fifi! Thank you for making me the happiest Mumma in the world. xxx


Mad Hatter Tea Party Fiesta

So this is happening…


Thank you Stacy at for your beautiful design!

One year?!

In exactly 20 days, this little cutie will be 1 year old…


First birthday party planning in full force! We are going with a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme. Guests will be 90% adults… This is more of a “We Survived the First Year” party for B and I anyways. Champagne? Don’t mind if I do!

Stay tuned for the party planning details…

Wanted: A Full Nights Sleep!!!

After two days, I’m back to 120lbs. Apparently weighing yourself after a big meal is not good for the self-esteem. So after 2 runs, 1 yoga class and no carbs; I am at the weight I thought I started at a week ago. Not bad, I have to admit. (Never mind that I am starving and craving a big choco cake and big bowl of mac and cheese!)

Operation Skinny Bitch/Starvation mode aside, I’m trying to train my little Bambino to sleep properly. I know, how cliche, every Mama seems to be doing the same. But seriously, I’m STRUGGLING! Right now, we co-sleep and breastfeed. Meaning, the little bugger sleeps between Ben and I and she wakes up every 3-4 hours to feed and doesn’t let us sleep through the night. It was okay when she was a newborn and she needed to feed. But at 8 months, she does not need it and it’s just become a comforting sleep aid. Especially after being away for 6 weeks, she seems extra needy and even wakes B up (which she never used to do). I need her to learn to soothe herself to sleep… in her cot. I need my space and body back. Not to mention some beauty sleep! I’ve tried to start her day naps in her cot sans boob but she won’t settle unless she’s in our bed and breastfed to slumber. I also want to start weaning her to formula and off breast milk but she’s not taking the bottle all the time. She drinks maybe 2 oz. and she starts tugging at my shirt.

So basically, how do I wean a breastfed co-sleeping baby? Can anyone recommend a good book/sleep school/mid-wife that has actually worked for you first hand?

Mama needs your help!

A Simple Valentines.


I spent my Valentines day with this darling. No complaints!


I spent my Valentines eve with this other darling. Also no complaints! A simple picnic on Brighton Beach with champers, cheese, and macaroons equals pure bliss.


Romantic sunset? Yes please.


We got Auntie Krissy to babysit so we could have an evening escape from Sofia. But we spent the whole time admiring photos and watching videos of Fifi on my iPhone. Silly Mummy and Daddy. I guess life will never be the same.