Waiting Game



Sofia’s Animal Themed Nursery is all set for action! Here are some photos showcasing my fav highlights. I love its quirkiness with the (very fake) mini animal heads, the classic wooden rocking horse from Indonesia, and the retro prints by a local Melbourne artist.

My unborn daughter is actually more talented than ever expected… she has already started blogging from the inside!  Introducing… HIYA SOFIA!  My precious little one can tell you all about her little happy place herself.   🙂


37 weeks and counting… I could go any day now really.  It’s a waiting game from here on out. Sofia is a good and healthy size, in the right  position to come out, and as active as ever. I’ve spent my days reading countless books on how I am going to survive this labour sans medication (Yes, you read right. I do not have an OB, I have a midwife), how to take care of a newborn, the 411 on breastfeeding, researching on childcare, the list goes on.  This overload of information is doing my head in. So much so that I am tempted to just wing it and not worry so much about the little details. After all, I’ve lived my life the past couple years flying by the seat of my pants and it has brought me more happiness than ever – why change now?  I’ve met new Mama’s through this Mummy Group I have joined and it is amazing how some women are so type A about this whole that they know every single detail of what to expect, while others are just the opposite. I am sitting in the middle… more towards the slacker side of things simple because it’s just so overwhelming! Anyone else out there in the same boat???