Ooohs and Aaahhs

Meet my early push present and late engagement ring.  She is encrusted with a huge sapphire + diamonds. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s just like Kate Middleton’s ring only a fraction of the size! But I am in love with her.

As you all know, B and I eloped last December and it all happened so quickly that I never got an engagement ring. I’ve never been the sort of girl who fantasized about getting engaged, having a big diamond ring, having the gigantic wedding, with the Vera Wang gown, and a wedding cake that costs way more than it should.  As a matter of fact, I cannot stand the idea of all that BS of everything that goes with getting married traditionally.  I suppose you can attest it to my shyness and my hatred of being centre of attention. (Yes, for those of you who do know me very well – I AM SHY!!! I may not seem like it to you now but I promise you I am shy shy shy. Ask my Mama about how I ruined my kindergarden Christmas show because I refused to speak in front of the audience!)   Our Gibralar wedding was the most absolute perfect day as it was just about us.  Of course our families and friends where missed so much more than we thought we would miss them, but because it was just B and I, the day was all about US.  The way a wedding should be about.  Absolutely no stress! Not even when I tripped, smashed my camera lens  and tore my tights infront of about 50 people. ( Thank goodness for that camera strore around the corner that replaced the lens + the Dorothy Perkins that had the exact color tights I needed.) Or the fact that Gibraltar is actually a massive sh*thole of a place.  It exactly how I could have ever asked to get married. Nothing at all could have ruined that perfect day.

Anyways, I am getting side tracked.

My point is, I never needed THE ring. I had a simple wedding band with a small diamond, with our initials and the date engraved inside it.  It was enough for me.  I had love, happiness, and the fairytale. I didn’t need THE ring to solidify anything.  A big old diamond that looks like a different version of other people’s engagement rings just didn’t excite me as much as it did other women. I am not really sure why, to me it was just so ordinary.  But that is just me.  Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE to admire beautiful engagement rings I see on other women. But I am just not that type of woman to want to flaunt anything like that. I hope I am not insulting anyone. I’m just really really REALLY shy!

I won’t go into the judgement B and I got for not having THE ring, but it is really quite funny how materialistic and crazy people get about this whole getting married thing sometimes. It takes away from the point of why you are actually getting married doesn’t it? I got cornered by a strange woman in Istanbul, who was a friend of a friend, at a club the weekend after our Gibraltar wedding. After hearing about our recent nupitals, she ran over to me grabbed my left and pulled it to her curious face.  As she saw nothing but a wedding band, she looked at me with disgust and disbelieve… with a look that said “You-said-yes-to-a-man-that-didn’t-propose-to-you-with-a-huge-diamond???” B and I laughed in disbelief right to her face and I said, “Are you joking?” She didn’t say anything but flash her huge rock in my face with a smirk as her fiance behind her proudly beamed at this action of hers.  Some people!!! I just wanted to slap her silly! This is exactly what I didn’t want THE ring for – the materialism and that sh*tty attitude that goes with it.  No matter what ring I had on my finger, she would have had some sort of opinion about it and would have flashed that tacky rock in my face no matter what. I didn’t want to play her game so I smiled politely and wished them all the best. All that mattered was that I had a man that loves me unconditionally and jumped at the chance to want to grow old with me.  That I know is 100% true without an expensive rock to show for it… I wonder if she could say the same?

Oh well. Won’t have to deal with that now, I’ve got the bling!  Best part is – its not the traditional kind of bling. Just like our non-traditional wedding. I love it and everything it symbolizes… our daughter and the life we have built together. It’s so much more than just an engagement ring. Best part? I still ain’t playing that Turkish bitch’s game!

Thank you to my wonderful husband. I love you.  

By the way, no baby yet! 39 weeks today!!! Come out, my darling Sofia!!!